Fits to: Universal - Mirrors - Fairing mounting (sport)

SKIN XR INDICATOR are in billet ALUMINUM, are UNIVERSAL and E-MARKED mirrors, they have an E-MARKED indicator with LED technology integrated into the mirror body.
They have a racing bracket and a multi-position hinge for correct and complete visual adjustment.

Optionally, you can purchase the XL attachment, check the measurements between the images of the product.

They are part of high B-LUX range (BARRACUDA LUXURY PROJECT) are dedicated to the market of excellence.

SKIN XR INDICATOR are sold in pair and available in three different color combinations: BLACK, SILVER and GOLD.

Designed by BARRACUDA

All BARRACUDA REAR-VIEW MIRRORS model RACING with attachment on the fairing, are equipped with a UNIVERSAL attachment for fixing on the motorcycle.
According to GENERAL ASSEMBLY rules, BARRACUDA rear-view mirrors do NOT require adapters, but the original attachment points must be checked for compatibility (see photos and measurements on the website).

THE INTEGRATED LED INDICATOR is APPROVED, and is equipped with a specific LED system which may require an additional set of components:

  • Motorcycles with a 6-watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10-watt RESISTORS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • Motorcycles with a 10 watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10 watt RESISTORS (x1res. X 1 Indicator) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • Motorcycles with a 21 watt system require 21 watt RESISTORS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY to adjust the flashing and operation.
  • Motorcycles with original LED system require a technical analysis to evaluate what is necessary for operation (resistance or RELAY).
  • These above are general considerations and concern 99% of the bikes on the market.
    To complete the AD HOC INSTALLATION we advise you to consult the TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION relating to your motorcycle for the compatibility of related products such as:
    • - ARROW ADAPTER (necessary for mounting the indicators on the motorcycle structure)
    • - RESISTANCE (see above)
    • - CABLE ADAPTERS (necessary for connecting the indicators to the original system without the need to make changes to the original cables or connectors)

    • For any further information or technical requirement, please contact our TECHNICAL OFFICE: tecnico@barracudamoto.it

Shipping costs:

United Kingdom € 15,00 - FREE delivery on orders over £200,- (UK mainland only)

Southern Ireland € 15,00

Isle of Man € 15,00

Jersey € 15,00

Guernsey € 15,00


Delivery time: 

 The product is in stock in Italy, delivery time 3/4 working days (UK mainland), shipping to the islands will take a few more days.

 The product is not available at the moment and can't be ordered at this time.


From: €149.00 Vat Incl.


From: €129.50 Vat Incl.

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